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We're a small team of passionate, driven, overly stressed out geeks, writers, and web producers - oh, there's also a ghost on the team. Biya Byte, pronounced (BEE-YUH-BITE), is a little website dedicated to not just video game and comic-book news and discussion, but also the culture that surrounds those topics.  

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Co-founder of Biya Byte and the site's primary producer, Billy is in charge of creating graphics, maintaining the site, pitching features, filming and hosting Easy Mode Ultra, "the most realizable" games podcast on the internet! He earned his B.A. in English (emphasis in Creative Writing) from San Francisco State, and acted as Social Content Managing Editor for When not working on Biya-stuff, he works as the Community Specialist for

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Fermin Gonzalez

Call him the backbone of Biya Byte, or the voice of reason, or perhaps he's none of these things, and what really stands out is how amazing his hair is. Fermin is the host of The Run Through, a series that focuses on the latest trends and topics in comic books. Not only does he also hold a Creative Writing bachelor's degree from San Francisco State, as well as a full-time position at Wargaming, he can also sing, which he did for Les Miserables, and a hardcore-punk-rock-screamo-type-of-band that we can't remember the name of. *shrug* When Fermin isn't writing intellectually superior pieces of editorial for Biya Byte, he spends his time enlightening the minds of youth and translating the entire Evangelion series into a Spanish television drama. 

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Hayden Robel

Biya Byte's retro-gaming sage and Senior Editor, Hayden not only shares the same name as a certain Star Wars actor, he is also deeply in love with members of the octopoteuthidae family of squids, and Japanese culture (put it together). Both the last dinosaur and the neon genesis of a new age of eldritch dragonkin, Hayden has not only witnessed the chamber of Guf during the first, second, third, and fourth impacts he is ORIGINAL beard of Biya Byte. When he's not hosting videos for the site,  RECORDING THE MOST SUGOI ANIME PODCAST ON THE INTERNETZ, or performing chiefly duties for San Francisco State's Transfer Literary Magazine, he's exploring the history and narrative connotations of SNK, and probably listening to System of a Down and other totally relevant metal bands of his angsty teenage years (debatedly past tense). You can usually find him sifting thru his loot drop of retro video games or "writing" some novel he's always blabbering about between rerun episodes of Gunbuster and loading screens of Flying Power Disc on the Neo Geo CD.

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Wise, witty and can grow a really nice beard, Daniel, or better known as D-Lo, or even Matsumi07 on the internets, is a valuable asset to Biya Byte. His humble abilities as a host and producer a of number of YouTube videos, is matched only by the magnificence of his aforementioned beard. Daniel's knowledge extends past video games and ventures into the realm of comics and film, making him one of the most versatile members on the team. Daniel is also co-host of Biya Byte original series, Loot Drop and the classic hit, Biya Byte Plays! Rocket League.

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Co-founder of Biya Byte, and the person credited with naming the site, Stephen is most known for his awkwardness among large crowds, and a soft-spoken demeanor. In California, he's known as a writer, thinker and all-around nicest guy you'll ever meet. Former writer at, he's currently studying Chinese at San Francisco State where he's a member of the esteemed Flagship Program. His favorite drink is called "The Dirty Stephen," which is not to be confused with a "Dirty Steve." Outside of the country, he's gone by numerous names including but not limited to: "Father Fletes," "Gwai lo," "Dirty Stephen," and "The Cookie Catcher."

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John (The ghost of biya byte)

John is everywhere and nowhere all at once. He is the ghost in the machine. He is the wind beneath our sails and the rats in the walls that bump in the night. John is what keeps hopes and dreams of small children burning until dawn. Cthulu. God Damn. Good times.