Living in an Airport (some key tips)

No one ever intends to live the life Tom Hanks lives in The Terminal, nor should one do so. However, when taking international flights, depending on the price you are willing to pay (the lowest price), it can be unavoidable to live in an airport overnight.

I myself am either blessed with the innate ability to just go with the flow and let things happen, or cursed by it by being put in circumstances which can test the limits of my sanity. In this instance, it's my luck of overnight stays in airports that always seems to test me. 

But enough about me, this is about survival. A harsh word to use perhaps, but these tips are ones i found helpful to living in the airport. I will say, they are very simple and common sensical, but hey, sometimes you need that common sense knocked into you. 


No matter where in the world you are, well i suppose anyways, there will always be a food court. While missing out on the gourmet feast the food court offers would be a shame, the point isn't the food but the area.

 It's crowded, but if you are lucky you can get seating. This is vital. Depending on how long you have at the airport, finding a seat and sticking to that seat can give you a nice place to rest and relax and potentially kill a bunch of hours off your waiting time. Its best to buy some food so you aren't that person who just sits there taking up space without offering anything. However, regardless of this place, it can only last so long. Sometimes you gotta use the restroom...


Know where they are. They are usually on opposite sides of the airport, and depending on how big the airport is, there might be ones in the middle. Restrooms are vital to your stay, so one of the first things I recommend you doing is walk around the airport when you initially arrive so you have a feel of where they all are. 

The reason they are important, besides the obvious, is late at night, early am hours of the day are the best times to go in and brush teeth, put on deodorant and make-up, etc. clean yourself up so you don't feel and smell bleh when you are off to your next destination. 


Just as the food court and bathrooms are important landmarks, the outlet is another important one. Unless you have the best phone battery ever (let's be real: you don't), know, know, know where a outlet station or any outlets are in general. It will save your life, and battery. 


Benches, as i've written before, are yet another important aspect of the overnight airport stay. For more on that see my other post.

If you have any other things you didn't see here, please feel free to comment and add your own horror stories, funny stories, or whatever else you want to add, and good luck with your overnight stays!