A Day in Taipei



Even before i begin let me just say: know your directions. The night i arrived in Taipei, I took the MTR to the stop I needed to get off at (first time using airbnb to reserve a place), and tried to find where to go. The problem was, I was lost. In a foreign country. My language skills aren't up to par either. It was interesting, and scary, and exhausting, and the list goes on and on. Actually, I finally found my way when two middle school students (who were smoking which wasn't so much culture shock, but a nice re-introduction into a different culture), told me the right path to go on. From there, it was bound to go uphill right? 

That first sign had me baffled. WHAT DO YOU MEAN DON'T FLUSH THE TOILET PAPER!!!!! Anyways, this was my Airbnb and it was pretty awesome!! They were super wonderful, although to get here took a mini adventure in the rain with a broken umbrella and some nice middle school smokers, i mean students. 


Because I don't want to ramble on, instead this article is more of a best of my day in Taipei, as told by the pictures. There's some cool and mundane photos, but here's what I managed to get on my solo venture. This weekend, through TUSA, I am venturing once more in Taipei, so look forward to the sequel, an even more picturesque sequel!!

Because I like taking little videos like this, here's a short clip of me leaving Taipei, riding the bus. He was a crazy driver, so the bus was moving fast, tossing and turning every which way. Enjoy!! Subscribe to us if you like this, or write in the comments how you wish i took different (better) pictures. :D