Firewatch! Onimusha Reboot! Billy Gets a Vita! - Easy Mode Ultra Ep. 28

cause I'm misisng more than just your body

Firewatch is out! What did we think of it? Also, one of the best PlayStation 2 franchises might be making a come back! And finally, Billy talks about getting a Vita this year! This is Easy. Mode. Ultra! 

Billy Saefong

Co-founder of Biya Byte and longtime partner-in-crime to Stephen, Billy's primary focus in life is to find the perfect slice of cheesecake (WHERE'S THE WHIPPED CREAM?!) while also doing his best to keep the site and all of its productions alive. He's a self-proclaimed Beatles historian, technology enthusiast and mislabeled Xbox fanboy (he doesn't mind). Most recently, Billy has become the all-around gadget-guy for Biya Byte as his magic backpack carries everything from his trusty Sony a6000, three microphones, and 60'' tripod, to a red Moleskin notebook that holds only what may be described as pure magic.