E3 2015: The Return of Bird/Cat/Dog and Maybe Star Fox?

Ah, E3.

Remember when Naughty Dog demoed The Last of Us for the very first time? I couldn't believe my eyeballs. PS3? Lies. This was just high-end PC footage. And then he just dropped the PS3 controller at the end. Holy crap, that was real! With each year the Electronic Entertainment Expo comes and goes, bringing with it a bevvy of exciting news and game play trailers from the developers and publishers big and small.

On the flipside, every pleasant surprise has its bitter disappointment, like the time we were all tricked into giving away 20-minutes of our life to a Wonderbook: Book of Spells demo during Sony's press conference. It had about as much drawing power as a car accident; morbid fascination kept you wading through the pile of crap. The Last Guardian, I haven't forgotten about you either!

I have high hopes for this year's E3. The publishers and developers just have to deliver on a few key things to make me a happy camper. I'm not asking for a lot, I swear...



  Shiggy showing off the latest Star Fox. via  Gamespot

Shiggy showing off the latest Star Fox. via Gamespot

The keepers of the mushroom kingdom are leaving Zelda for Wii U off the E3 books this year, which - unless some attention is given to a new console or the gradual shift to mobile gaming - means only a couple of heavy hitters remain. First and foremost is Star Fox. I say this because at last year's E3, Shigeru Miyamoto and co. demoed a very early look at what we know only as Star Fox. There wasn't much in terms of actual gameplay footage except for an Arwing-looking thing flying through a barren space. The only question for me is: how will Star Fox work as a modern game? I enjoyed Star Fox: Assault and Star Fox Adventures on Gamecube but it wasn't quite the experience fans were hoping for, especially after the console-defining masterpiece that was Star Fox 64 (1257 kills, baby!).  Also, the largely half-assed use of the GamePad thus far in the Wii U's lifespan doesn't exactly inspire confidence. If Nintendo decides to give the full Star Fox reveal this year during their Nintendo Direct, I want to not only see actual gameplay but a release date. And please, ditch the on-foot stuff! Fox McCloud belongs in the air.

If not Star Fox, give me Metroid. An HD Metroid game. Whether it's first-person or third-person or side-scrolling, Samus has been missing in action for close to five years, and it's time to bring her back.  None of that whiny backstory either; the unmitigated crapfest known as Metroid: Other M was most definitely not the Samus we know and love!



  Five bucks says Nathan doesn't die.

Five bucks says Nathan doesn't die.

Oh, Sony - they really can't do harm these days. In terms of sales, the console wars are a foregone conclusion, it's not even funny. But it is, kind of. For this year's press conference we're almost certainly going to see Uncharted 4, even though it's been pushed to 2016. Aside from that essential Naughty Dog demo, of the big three, Sony's conference is the most shrouded in mystery. First-party studios like Guerilla Games and Media Molecule have been tight-lipped about their new titles. We'll probably get an indie montage featuring Hello Games' stunning No Man's Sky as well as a 10-second Vita sizzle reel. Alright, maybe it'll be 15 seconds, but nothing more! But enough fluffing. 

Sony's E3 2015 will have to be the triumphant return of bird/cat/dog and it's bloodthirsty cry as it tries to figure out how to best eat a little boy in white robes. That's right, I'm talking about The Last Guardian! If they give a release date on Team Ico's most infamous game, I will buy a Playstation 4 on the spot. At this point, the dev history might just be a bit more interesting than the game itself, but I don't care. The myth of The Last Guardian has practically achieved Half-Life 3 status, which is no easy feat.  Give me bird/cat/dog, Sony, that's all I want.



This bold tweet courtesy of Microsoft's Head of Xbox Marketing, Aaron Greenberg. With tent-pole titles likeHalo 5: Guardians, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Forza 6 and a possible Gears of War announcement, Microsoft has more than enough firepower to compete on-stage and in the fall. But the big games aren't what I'm most excited to see this year.

At last year's E3, Playdead Games, they of the indie-hit Limbo, revealed a trailer for their upcoming project, Inside. We haven't heard much of anything since then, but here's hoping we get a release date. 

I know this probably won't happen, but how about an Xbox redesign or a new terabyte configuration? With games like Grand Theft Auto V taking roughly 50 gigs in storage, giving consumers the option to buy a pre-installed terabyte hard drive would make things just a tiny bit easier.  Microsoft is already planning a new bundle with indie games and a redesigned controller, so why not a new hard drive option?



This was a surprise when I first heard about it. For the first time, I think, ever, there is going to be a PC Gaming Show at E3. I suspect PC gaming gurus like Nvidia and Valve may make an appearance, or even CD Projekt RED and GOG. 

It would be pretty sweet to see AMD show up to reveal the successors to their FX line of computer processors that have been getting a bit long in the tooth. But since E3 is focused mainly on software, I don't think this will happen. Since a PC conference hasn't really happened before (correct me if I'm wrong), I'm not sure what to expect. Can Square Enix announce Rise of the Tomb Raider for PC? How about Bethesda's Fallout 4? I mean, they just released a countdown page. Does this mean more news about Xbox on Windows 10 and Direct X 12? I guess we'll all have to just wait and see on June 16.

But one thing is for sure. Half-Life 3 confirmed. 

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