Help Write a Video Game! Indie Game Studio Terraluna Calls for Contributors

It's one thing to play a game as a fire-casting sorcerer like Dumbledore, but what if you helped make that game? What if you wrote some of the dialogue, or heck, you voiced a sweet goblin with a heart of gold?

Indie game studio Terraluna is doing just that. They're looking for contributors to help out on its upcoming title, currently code-named Project Soulstice. Details on the project are light, but the two-person development team composed of 3D artist and musician, Ellalune and her husband, Atticus O'Shea, are asking their fans for input. 

Terraluna is currently looking for art, sound and writing contributors. The studio is calling for concept art of their characters and environments, while those looking to work with audio can lend their voice or music talents to the project. Finally, writers are asked to flesh out the fantasy game's lore with short stories, character sheets, etc. 

Speaking of lore, Soulstice is the name of the game's world. In Soulstice, players will be able to adventure as students of Chrysallis, a school of magic, where disciplines such as alchemy, and sonomancy are taught. 

As stated on their website, not all community contributions will make it into the final game. 

I've always wanted to write for a video game, but having absolutely no experience in game development makes it pretty difficult. Terraluna's experiment with crowdfunding content might be a pretty good idea, that is, if and when the project gets off the ground. Even if it's just a character sheet or two, I'll be tossing some of my work at the studio, which you can do so by following this link

For creatives who want to explore, or just contribute to a video game, here's your chance! Tell us, are you going to contribute to Project Soulstice? Let us know in the comments!

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