Sugoi Squad Ep. 02: DUBS VS SUBS (Weeb War One)

Sugoi Senpai Says:

"This is my waifu,

This is my kun,

This is for shipping,

This is for fun."- Super Sugoi Senpai, the Waifu-Man's Creed, pg. 712, rev. 3, of the Sugoi Code Codex

The rank odor of month old rationed pocky and rotting Totoro bento boxes pervades the Engrish battlefields. Episode two of the most Sugoi podcast finds the Sugoi Squad in their most divisive battle yet. Tsuki, Shakey, and your host Hayden fend for their lives (mostly Hayden) in the eternal Dub vs Subs debate. Will Shakey ever watch a dub?! Will Tsuki ever talk!? Will Hayden ever stop? Tune in for the debut of a new segment: Baka Beatdown, where Hayden feels generous enough to allow Tsuki to challenge him on the best way to watch Evangelion, dub or sub. Weeb War One is here, war has come to the Sugoi Squad. SUGOI!