Sugoi Squad Ep. 03: Digimon: The Movie & The Girl Who Leapt Through Time-Mamoru Hosoda Movies Pt. One (AKA Luke Digivolves to The Girl Who Leapt Through Spiced Rum)

Sugoi Senpai Says:

“A shonen a day keeps the fujoshi away.” – Super Sugoi Senpai , the Waifu-Man's Creed, pg. 52, rev. 8, of the Sugoi Code Codex

Going prone, concealing himself below the trampled bosoms of muddy Love Live body pillows, a new soldier climbs the ranks to fight the good fap fight! The most SUGOI podcast returns! Join Tsuki, Shakey, Hayden and guest/new recruit Luke, the Sugoi Squad this week as they tackle their most topical and totally unqualified episode yet: the life and career, of director Mamoru Hosoda. SPOILERS: Digimon: The Movie is the greatest digital drunk dad simulator and The Girl Who Leapt Through Time is even better. Shots of spiced rum and tangents of sonic fan fic are abound in the most SUGOI episode yet! Come back next time for part two! SUGOI!

Intro song sampled and ReMixed from Elephant Style-EL NINO(remix by milchofsource) by milch of source

Ending song: Weekly ED