Sugoi Squad Ep. 05: Tokyo Ghoul - Halloweeb Spoopycast SPECIAL!

Sugoi Senpai Says:

"One night, on every Halloweeb, the candycorn cherry blossoms fall to the tendered Nippon soil, and the ghosts of Futanaris past rise from the grave. This is when all Sugoi Soldiers must don the low res jpeg mask of Haruhi, lord and Sugoi patron, Suzimiya so too quell the malevolent spirits.”- Super Sugoi Senpai, pg. 120 of the Sugoi Code Codex, Halloweeb Charter mk. 3

Trick or treat, give me something Sugoi to eat! Just in time for Halloween, the latest episode of the most SUGOI anime podcast hammers on your door with a Halloweeb Halloween Special! The Sugoi Squad cuddles together in fear of their most horrifying anime yet: Tokyo Ghoul. Luke scares everyone with a rant about the ending, and Sam terrorizes us with her Fanfriction selection (it involves Konami Card games…). Also, listen in for a new segment: Anime Roulette! Spoops and scares (as well as a few extra "guest" stars…) await, and, oh boy, this is certainly no treat….SUGOI!

Intro song sampled and ReMixed from Elephant Style-EL NINO(remix by milchofsource) by milch of source

Ending song: Weekly ED