Sugoi Squad Ep. 07: Tokyo Godfathers (Winter Weeb Wonderland/Sugoi Christmas Speciale!)

Sugoi Senpai Says:

“On the first day of Christmas my OTP waifu gave to me:

12 Pounds of Pocky

11 Gigs of Gundam

10 Dozen Doujinshi

9 Sakebombs Splodin’

8 Fried Fujoshi

7 Episodes of the most sugoi anime podcast on the internetz (Podtaku)

6 Chapters of Berserk post boat arc

5 Asuka Body-Pillows

4 Hidden Leaf Headbands

3 Bibleblack Blurays

2 Figma Figures

and Pupa in a puddle of Bear Pee.” - Super Sugoi Senpai, pg. 1225 of the Sugoi Code Codex, Ode to the Nippon Nativity Charter

 The weather outside may be frightful, but the OVAs are so delightful! Calling a truce with the Fujoshi Federation for one night only, the most SUGOI anime podcast is wrapped under your cherry blossom tree just in time for Christmas! Tsuki, Sam, Hayden, and Luke, the Sugoi Squad, gather round the Google Plus fire with Satoshi Kon’s Christmas classic: Tokyo Godfathers.  Star Wars is the most sugoi animu for Luke (go figure), Tsuki graces us with a haiku, and the crew partake in possibly the most unholy Christmas Fanfriction to stain our tongues. You’ll need more than a few Christmas miracles to escape this holiday sugoi speciale! SUGOI!

*NOTE: Apologies for poorer audio quality, due to different locations this is what we got for a bit!

Intro song sampled and ReMixed from Elephant Style-EL NINO(remix by milchofsource) by milch of source

Ending Song: ED