Sugoi Squad Ep. 13.33: We Can (Not) Record

Sugoi Senpai Says: “…And Senpai sayeth onto the luscious body pillow of the DigiWorld, 'there will be a season two'!” - Super Sugoi Senpai, pg. xiivii of the Sugoi Code Codex, How to Resurrect a Podcast

Yes, we are alive! Can we prove it? Probably not. But Luke, Sam, Hayden, Daniel and Sailor Tsuki, the Sugoi Squad, can squad up over FOUR HUNDRED DAYS after the last pitiful episode with an even older podcast (if you can call this one) and try. New jobs, new mascot, old anime, same bad opinions. Listen to this life-changing episode of Sugoi Squad and catch-up on the straight-to-video vicissitudes of time. Somethings may change, but our signature wholly unfunny humor stays the same. And no, this is not the Evangelion episode. You’re (not) ready…SUGOI!


Intro song sampled and ReMixed from Elephant Style-EL NINO(remix by milchofsource) by milch of source

Ending Song is Otaku King Zero by (the incredible champion) Richie Branson